Love Is All You Need

Posted on February 14, 2015 in Miscellaneous by Deborah Wright

Well, maybe not all you need, but it certainly makes everything else better.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who are already in love and to those who are hopeful!

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Welcome to 2015!

Posted on January 1, 2015 in Miscellaneous by Deborah Wright

Happy New Year!



Here’s hoping that 2015 is a Vintage year!

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The Time It Flies

Posted on December 29, 2014 in Miscellaneous by Deborah Wright

2014 was a difficult year in many ways and I won’t be sorry to see the back of it. Still, it seems like just yesterday I was contemplating it as a fresh new year.

No resolutions here. I learned long ago to avoid those. I think I’ll just make a few quiet promises to myself and leave it at that.

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Will Wonders Never Cease?

Posted on June 20, 2014 in TV by Deborah Wright

I’m not ashamed to say I enjoy watching TV. I’ve had several “favorite” shows over the years, and many more that I found mildly entertaining. Of course, I’ve been disappointed when a show I enjoyed has been cancelled too soon. But I usually take the philosophical route and figure, you know, that’s life. TV shows — even good ones — come and go. And I’d much rather see a show cancelled than have it run on and on and on, jumping shark after shark (I’m sure you can probably think of a few of those shows). That said…

There have been a few, a very very few, shows about which I can’t be philosophical. Shows that I haven’t gotten over the abrupt cancellation of, and that I doubt I’ll ever see released on DVD.

Now and Again has been tied with Cupid (ABC 1998) at the top of my Still Bitter at the Networks Over Their Cancellation list since CBS cancelled the show in 2000. I thought Hell would need to freeze over before I’d see it released on DVD.

Break out your ice skates. CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment has announced the DVD release of Now and Again for August 26th! Here’s a peek at the cover art.

Now and Again DVD cover

Almost gives me hope for a DVD release of Cupid (1998)… Almost.

Happy New Year!

Posted on January 4, 2014 in Miscellaneous by Deborah Wright

Champagne Toast

Welcome 2014! I’ve been looking forward to the end of 2013 for awhile now. Last year was a mixed bag for me (some good things, some bad, and some so-so) and I’m very much hoping this new year is better all around.

If nothing else, it feels like a fresh start to have the new year upon us.

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